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Relevant Links

The following links may be of interest to many of our members and contributors:


Research Institutes

Australian Association for Maritime Affairs
Canadian Military Review
Centre for Foreign Policy Studies
Defense & Strategic Studies
Center for Naval Analyses
Center for Strategic and International Studies
Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific
East-West Center
Indian Ocean Research Group
Defence Studies & Analyses
Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
Defence and Strategic Studies
National Institute for Defense Studies
Navy Records Society
RAN Sea Power Centre
Ship and Ocean Foundation
The Naval Review
USI of India
United States Naval Institute
Navy League of Australia
Submarine Institute of Australia

Naval Associations

Naval War College
The Naval Historical Society
Naval Officers Club of Australia
Naval Officers of Canada
NWO Association

Navies/Government Departments

Canadian Military Journal
Maritime Institute of Malaysia
Canadian Coastguard
Australian Customs
Japanese Coastguard
Maritime and Port Authority Singapore
Royal Australian Navy
United States Coastguard
Royal Navy